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Poorly aligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear and various steering problems. To have a better control over your vehicle, get your tyres properly aligned from professionals at Plume Tyres.

Our experienced team will thoroughly check and align your wheels. Our 4-wheel alignment will help in reducing uneven tyre wear and your fuel consumption along with increasing your tyres’ longevity.

Head over to our garage at 343 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull. Or call us at 0121 745 5692 to book your appointments. We also provide wheel alignment services in Knowle and Birmingham area.


Causes of Wheel Misalignment:

Misalignment can occur when hitting a kerb or driving through a pothole, as well as in more severe circumstances like accidents, which can knock your vehicle’s suspension out of alignment.

Misalignment can also happen as suspension components wear or when they are replaced. When wheel alignment is incorrect, rapid tyre wear can occur especially on the edge of the tyres, and vehicle handling can also be adversely affected. It almost certainly means that you will have to replace your tyres earlier than expected.


Fixing Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment, or tracking as it’s sometimes called, consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are as per the vehicle mkanufacturer's specifications. The benefits of this include:

  • It can save you money, as tyre replacements are required less frequently.
  • Your tyres will last longer.
  • Your vehicle handling will be optimized.
  • Your vehicle will drive smoother with less tyre rolling resistance.


Once you have your wheels aligned you will love the new smoothness in your drive. So, hop in and get your wheels sorted!


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